Aventuras Patagonicas on Why Choose Aventuras Patagonicas

Aventuras Patagonicas on Why Choose Aventuras Patagonicas

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Why Choose Aventuras Patagonicas

We believe that you will find no other guiding company which offers you a better quality Aconcagua Expedition than we offer. We challenge you to find a guiding company more prepared than AVENTURAS PATAGONICAS to guide you on your Aconcagua Expedition!

1. Highest Success Rate on the Mountain

We have the highest success rate on the mountain. Period. Check our success rate page.

We believe that you will find no other guiding company which offers you a better quality Aconcagua Expedition than we offer.

We challenge you to find a guiding company more prepared than AVENTURAS PATAGONICAS to guide you on your Aconcagua Expedition!

The following is why we are so certain that what we have to offer you is unparalleled by any other guiding service:

2. 28 Years of Experience Guiding on Aconcagua

We have over 28 years of guiding experience on Aconcagua.  Aventuras Patagonicas has guided over 200 successful Aconcagua Expeditions.

3. Professionally Certified Mountain Guides

We have professionally certified Mountain Guides with decades of cumulative Aconcagua guiding experience. | View Our Guides

4. References Provided

We have a reliable and updated reference list of previous Aventuras Patagonicas clients whom you may contact via e-mail or phone. Their comments will be one of your best sources of information! | View our Client References

5. Approach for Better Acclimatization

In the past, we have approached Aconcagua via the relatively untouched Guanacos Valley, a non-technical, pristine approach to the mountain. Appealing for its aesthetic quality, this route was chosen to improve acclimatization for the summit. At present, the lower part of this valley has been closed by the Park Service. Our alternative is to approach Aconcagua via the Ameghino and Upper Guanacos Valleys. This approach has proven to be an excellent alternative to our Guanacos Route and a variation of our former Relinchos Route, which we have successfully guided for many years and provides for adequate acclimatization in contrast to the Normal Route.

6. Satellite Phones

We have state of the art portable satellite phones with us at all times, available for you to call anywhere in the world if needed (a charge for the calls will apply).

7. Pulse Oximeters

We use pulse oximeters to daily monitor your acclimatization by checking your oxygen saturation level. To review a sample chart, click here.

8. Gamow Bags

We have Gamow Bags stationed at each Base Camp.

9. State of the Art Base Camp

We have a state of the art Base Camp set up for the season.

10. Latest Equipment

We use the latest gear, new or almost new equipment on every trip. We renew most of our gear at the beginning of each Aconcagua season. A necessity since gear does take a beating on Aconcagua.

11. Traverse the Mountain

We traverse the mountain to give you an entire experience of Aconcagua, to accomplish proper acclimatization on the ascent, and for a quick descent.

12. Fresh Food and Well Planned Diet

We use the best possible food on the expedition, fresh fruit and vegetables in season for the first week of the expedition, gourmet wine at dinner to Base Camp, and a carefully planned diet of complex carbohydrates up high.

13. Best Pack Mules

We have the best mules available for carrying loads. We closely manage the maintenance and care of these important animals which are key to the success of our expeditions.

14. Helicopter Rescue

We contract with a local helicopter company for direct medical evacuation to the best hospitals in either Santiago or Mendoza in case of a life threatening medical emergency. This privilege is difficult for the public to attain in this region.

15. Five Star Hotels

We use the Mendoza Park-Hyatt (5 star) hotel. We cover a total of four nights lodging during the expedition, 2 in Mendoza and 2 in Penitentes . Breakfast buffet is included

16. Airport Pickup

We offer airport pick up.  There is a charge for a 2nd airport pickup for last minute flight arrival changes.

17. Quality Ground Transportation

We have the best available method of ground transportation to and from the mountain.

18. Quality Radios

Our guides use state of the art VHF handheld radios as well as cell and sat phones.

19. Reasonable Rates

We charge less than other US or European based business, offering significantly more quality and service to you on your trip.

20. More Camps and Extra Rest Days

We use three to four camps (depending on weather, team acclimatization and logistics) from Base Camp on up. Most companies use 2 to 3 camps maximum. We feel strongly about giving you the best possible chance to summit. By using more camps, or extra rest days, your chance to acclimatize and summit dramatically increases. It would be easier and more economical for us to use only two camps, but we do not. We want you to have the opportunity to achieve the best acclimatization possible. Sometimes our teams take rest days above Base Camp to help with acclimatization. This can vary depending on trip circumstances, acclimatization, weather, etc.

21. Unparalleled Personal Service

You can talk, at almost any time, directly to our director, Rodrigo Mujica, to answer your questions concerning your Aconcagua Expedition. While he is guiding, Rodrigo maintains close contact with the office, almost daily, via e-mail or sat phone. We encourage you to call him, and he will contact you back in less than 24 to 36 hrs when possible, no matter where he is guiding in the world.

22. Working Relationship with Locals

We have developed a positive working relationship in Chile and Argentina over the years through our Expeditions.

23. Local Operations Base

During the Aconcagua season, Aventuras Patagonicas, has a full time office / base set up in Mendoza for logistics and operations which has proven essential to keeping our expedition logistics running as smoothly as possible.  We have a full time year round office in Chile and one in the USA.

24. Expedition Update

We provide an up-date of your expedition every few days by e-mail so your friends and family can follow the progress of your expedition on the mountain. This has been extremely successful and greatly appreciated by friends and family.

25. Porters

We can provide porters on the Ameghino Valley / Upper Guanacos and Normal Route if needed. Porter arrangement can be made at Base Camp.  Porter service fees are NOT included in the expedition cost.

26. How to Choose a Guide or Guide Service

Please check what the American Mountain Guides Association has to say


You may call or email the office and ask all the questions you need to, as you prepare for your expedition. We also have equipment suggestions and can review your gear either online, over the phone or in person if you are near the office! Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with choosing the proper gear for your expedition.

28. More Reasons

Want more reasons?. Several important points are explained in detail in this page

WE CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND A BETTER CHOICE of guiding company to guide you on Aconcagua!

.....We look forward to climbing with you!!

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