Aventuras Patagonicas on Aconcagua Expedition - Jan 4 - María José

Aventuras Patagonicas on Aconcagua Expedition - Jan 4 - María José

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Aconcagua Expedition - Jan 4 - María José


Jan 18 2010

Three climbers and guide Cacho Beiza got to the summit yesterday! I do not have the names yet. As important, or more, than the summit, it´s the fact that all 10 climbers made it to high camp (6000m!) as a solid group and will complete the Aconcagua traverse. Leading guide María José is happy and says this is an excellent expedition so far. The group is now going down to the Normal Route base camp, Plaza de Mulas (13,950 ft). T...
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towards Camp II

Jan 13 2010

The team is in great shape! Everyone is ok and motivated. After some acclimatization and carries up the slopes, the expedition is facing the high regions. They will move to Camp II -called the Chopper camp- tomorrow. The altitude of this campsite is 17,800 ft. Then it is up to the guides and the team to decide their strategy for the summit push. We will keep you informed. I am uploading a pic from a previous trip. Regrads, Nicolás Garc&iac...
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Rest day at Base Camp - Dispatch 2

Jan 9 2010

The team completed succesfully the hike in yesterday. They are having a rest day today. In the approximation trek they got to see one of the most spectacular views of Aconcagua, the Polish Glacier (East Face). The Ameghino Valley route, which all Aventuras Patagonicas expeditions take, presents many advantages: it is less crowded than the Normal route, it has more wildlife and it allows for better acclimatization.The group is ok and enjoying the ...
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City behind - mountain ahead

Jan 6 2010

After a couple of busy days dealing with planes, hotels, permits and minor hang overs due to Mendoza's red wines, the expedition finally headed towards the Andes. The 10 climbers and 3 guides spent last night in a lodge, located close to Mt Aconcagua Park. They began their hike in today. It's going to take them 3 days to reach base camp Plaza Argentina. The trailhead is at 8,800 ft and base camp is at 13,940 ft. I attach a picture of the group be...
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