Aventuras Patagonicas on Aconcagua Expedition AP2 Dec 3-2010

Aventuras Patagonicas on Aconcagua Expedition AP2 Dec 3-2010

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Aconcagua Expedition AP2 Dec 3-2010


Dec 16 2010

The team summited! All of them climbed beyond the 6.500m line, and a number of them went on to reach the summit, yesterday. It is our first summit this year and a big team achievement. Congratulations to climbers and guides. The group is now resting at Plaza de Mulas, the Normal route base camp, which means they also completed the Aconcagua traverse (going up one way and going down via the other face of the mountain). They will complete the hike...
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Summit day tomorrow!

Dec 14 2010

The team has made a comfortable -so to speak- home at High Camp, a few meters below 6.000m, and will go for the summit tomorrow. The weather looks promising, and motivation is high. They face a long but beautiful day, and a lasting experience. I will transmit the news as soon as I hear from them! Regards Nicolás García AP Mendoza  
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Experience brings patience

Dec 11 2010

As a wind storm punished the high regions of Aconcagua, a wise move by the guides kept the group's energies intact by waiting in base camp for the right conditions to move up. Being tentbound so early in a big expedition can be a challenge for those with more enthusiasm than experience, but keeping anxiety at bay is key in any high mountain! The team will probably move to Camp I tomorrow, if the weather improves. I will pass on the news as soon a...
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Stage 1 completed

Dec 8 2010

The group is taking a well deserved rest day at base camp today. They completed the hike-in yesterday. They arrived to Plaza Argentina (4200m - 13,800ft) tired but happy, and were greeted by a solid dinner by Betiana and Mariana, our base camp team. I attach a picture of the trail, from a previous trip. Tomorrow they will do a carry of gear and food to camp 1, and will have their first contact with high altitude (5.000m). I will be sending more i...
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Towards base camp

Dec 6 2010

After the mandatory dose of Argentinean steak & Malbec red wine in Mendoza, the merry 13 people team of Aventuras Patagonicas' second trip of the season left town. Martin Molina (Mendoza), Ben Adkinson (Colorado, US) and Claudio "Cacho" Beiza (Mendoza) are the guides. Plenty of experience there. In the 10 climbers side too, with a predominance of Canadian clients in this group. They set foot in the trailhead yesterday, and are now hiking towa...
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